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Thread: head torch

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    head torch

    any recommendations for an led head torch for hands free work

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    as long as its a pretzal you wont go wrongi know it sounds like a rifle but the tikka model is the nuts

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    Yup Petzl Tikka here as well, used one ever since they first appeared, 5 or 6 years back.
    I have tried others, but always go back to the Tikka.


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    HL10 from clulite works a treat, quite cheep and re chargable lasts for hours plus no black spots

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    if you've got spare cash buy lupine its the mutts nuts very light weight fantastic beam as bright as a car head light on main beam.

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    Petzl Duo, for serious use. see caving supplies in buxton (peak district) just google the name. i have several Duo's still perfect after 10years of hard core undeground / underwater and land based uses.


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    Excellent head torch

    Alpkit Gamma!

    Different modes, different colours, a main beam, a smaller everyday one, great on batteries.
    Superb piece of kit, best 12 I have spent in ages. Seriously, check out the reviews. They sell out fast when in stock, and go for more than that on ebay, the demand is so great. Batteries included.
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    I recently bought a Gerber multi-tool on special offer in Manchester for 9.99, included in the deal was a Silva head torch
    which is really clever design and a pleasure to use. And it was free already !!


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    I've got an petzl duo that I don't really use (if anyone wants it, make me an offer!) it's quite big and heavy, I much prefer the Petzl Tikka, small lightweight and bright for close work... "Borrowed" off the wife, but she's not getting it back

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