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Thread: A Dorset Sika Stag For A Yorkshireman

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    A Dorset Sika Stag For A Yorkshireman

    Last Friday morning saw me in deepest Dorset with professional deer guide Ian Farrington looking for a trophy Sika stag. Well as you can see we came across this big boy just half an hour after first light. I took him off the bipod with a 160 grain 6.5 x 55 through the base of the neck dropping him on the spot. He was just starting to smell of the rut and was as fat as butter, with a full mane and a huge thick neck. He is a seven pointer, the right antler is 50cms long with four points and the left antler is 48cms long with three points. All the tines are very long and thick. I was wondering if any of you Sika experts think he will make a medal?
    I would like to thank Ian for once again providing me with the opportunity to take another fine trophy. Cheers FM.
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    Very nice.

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    Hi fallow,moor, I don't think your stag will make a medal. The size is good,50cms long and 50 wide would normally pretty much guarantee a medal of some kind, but that missing tine will cost you.
    Once because it's not there to be measured and again when the difference between each antlers individual score is subtracted from the total.
    symmetry is really important for Sika trophies.
    congratulations, with or without a medal you have a fine mature stag and a really nice trophy

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    Nice stag but no medal. Congratulations

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    Cracking stag - well done.

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    Nice stag. I had my first Sika experience a few days ago and it was great. Couldn't believe how big they are up close though, little bit different to the Roe and Muntjac I'm used too.

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    welldone, nice one

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