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Thread: Fallow buck pre rut

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    Fallow buck pre rut

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    I was lying back in a clear fell and facing into the wind. This lad was croaking down in a gully and I had no intention of going after him. After a few minutes he appears only 15 feet away+- looking left and right (for other bucks i imagine) and starts walking directly at me. He passed by me so close I could have reached out and touched him. He was oblivious to me, I was shaking as I thought he might attack if I startled him so I didn't budge and I let him pass. About twenty seconds or so after he passed I swiveled on my backside and shouldered the rifle and dropped him. I was bollxxd after the long drag back to the van.

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    I think roe are big enough for me ,well done,

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    What rifle did u use, did you weigh it? Good looking buck congrats

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    thank's, the farmer was going to put it on his scales for his livestock that he uses but guessed it was over 100kg before the grallock. the buck was fat, luck I got him before the rut. I used a 308 tikka t3 hunter with hornady 155g amax

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    Talking about a fat but, take a look at the broad back on this Forest of Dean buck. Interestingly he has the poor palms fairly typical of FoD fallow.

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