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Thread: 7mm bullet clear out.

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    7mm bullet clear out.

    I have a selection of 7mm bullets that I will probably never use, I am sitting at pretty much max ammo allowance so I'm going to have a bit of a clear out to make space.

    1) 100 Sellier & Bellot 139 gn round nose, would probably be a good woods bullet, big fat lead nose! 30
    2) 80 Siera Varminter 100gn Hollow Point. 25
    3) 100 Speer BTSP 130gn soft points. 40
    4) 100 Berger VLD 168gn target 40
    5) 100 Berger VLD 168gn hunting these last two are identical by all accounts..40

    FTF for all the sec5 stuff...

    im in Edinburgh often is that helps with sale otherwise eastern borders. Would consider swaps for other 7mm bullets..... Let me know what you have..
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    Do you have any prices in mind Tom? I'll be in the Borders end of next week.

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    Prices added, cheers!

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    Tom, bullets only i.e. for home loading, or complete rounds?

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    Just bullets, I refuse to call them 'heads'.

    i do have a couple of boxes of privi that I would sell, 10 each...
    ps I'm open to offers..

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    Again you have things I would buy to try, just to far to travel!

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    Quote Originally Posted by levigsp View Post
    Again you have things I would buy to try, just to far to travel!
    Well if you're ever coming up I'm only 5 mins from the A1..

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    I wont be heading south again until Christmas, otherwise your probably 300+miles from me!

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    Well they're not going anywhere fast, might be left at Christmas. I'll update the thread if anything goes....

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    I'm heading up the A73(M) in a couple of wks, is that anywhere near you?
    Would take the 168 vlds hunting.

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