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Thread: A good 243 bullet for use on deer, especially Roe

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    A good 243 bullet for use on deer, especially Roe

    I like my 243 Heym SR20. Its very accurate with RWS 100gn bullets, and mounted with a Swaro Habicht 4-12x50 is great for longer shots at last light. But that RWS bullet is a very soft bullet, and over the last couple of years they played with the loading and bullet seating depth so it no longer shoots as well.

    The RWS Soft point is now a very soft bullet. I shot a good sized buck on Friday evening, slightly quartering away from me. There was no exit hole. Point of impact was tight on the back of the shoulder blade and I found the bullet just under the skin just forward of the shoulder joint on the far side shoulder. Skinned carcass looked minimal damage, but when I took the shoulders off it looked like a grenade had gone off with massive damage to the shoulder blades, rib cage and surrounding meat. I shot a small buck a week ago, this time a perfect broadside shot at 150 with point of impact just behind the shoulder. The bullet did exit just behind the the other shoulder, but half the guts had been sucked out with it.

    Both were very dead on their feet, some would argue that this is just about perfect as all the energy is captured in the animal, and not a lot to worry about in terms of retained energy.

    But I want a bullet that I know penetrates well and doesn't blow up at the slightest hint of bone. Only just penetrating a 16kg Roe Buck is not enough for my liking. And all that was left was the copper jacket.

    I often use my 7x65r with a 139gn Hornady Interlock - this expands and punches a neat hole all the through, but doesn't explode like the RWS 243 ammo. I have tried Hornady Interlock 100gn 243 bullets is a home load, but it doesn't like them.

    I have tried Norma 100gn, and have certainly been impressed with its on deer performance in other rifles, but it's OK for accuracy in mine - nothing special.

    I know others rave about the Hornady SST 95gn Superformance and will give them a go, but I would really like to use 100gn so that am legal for all deer. Yes I have the 7mm for big deer, but on some of my ground I do have both.

    Thoughts ladies and gentlemen please.

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    I used to use federal 100gr soft points when I had a 243 always went clean through on roe.

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    70grn nosler ballistic tip always worked well.

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    Winchester Super X power point (soft point) 100Gn worked fine for me.

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    85 grain hpbt Sierra game king. Always a pass through with an inch sized exit or so. I have got very good accuracy with it too and happy to shoot roe out to 300m with it. Pretty sure it was Nathan Foster who said it was the best bullet for hunting ever made for the 243.

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    I use 80gtain power shock, they have always worked well for me

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    I've got Sako 100, Norma 100, Federal 100 & Geko 105 here & you can have a few of each to try if you like. Also got some old RWS 100. I found the RWS 96 accurate & it's a very hard bullet.

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    You should check out Nathan Fosters website, the guy has done research on all sorts of loads and calibres.

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    Very well said I've tried almost every 6 MM bullet and 85hpbt are the best by far kill very very well

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