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Thread: Cheeky request

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    Cheeky request

    Hi guys, I know it's a big ask but is there anyone local that has a Red deer head cutting jig that they would be prepared to lend me as I have a head to cut and dont want to do it free hand and mess it up.
    Failing that would someone be able to cut and boil it off for me for a fee?
    I have skinned it off but it needs cutting and boiling.

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    Local taxidermist maybe?

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    I'm currently out the country but would of helped! Have you done it now? I clean up heads for others now including cutting by hand.

    I'm back around 6th Nov if that helps?



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    Do you want a long, or short nose cut? Short nose is easy, skin the head, either make a cut through the nose where you want it to stop, turn it upside down, and aim your cut at the concave bit just above the atlas joint. For a long nose cut, either cut a line in the flesh, or mark with a pen, from the ear hole to the front of the teeth. Do this on both sides, look at the head from the back, join up the line across the back of the skull, and cut. You are better using a larder saw which is SHARP, and be prepared to do a little trimming is it goes squint. The hardest part is having the courage to take a saw to your trophy. Good luck

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