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Thread: Ultrasonic Cleaner Big Enough to fit a Blaser Moderator (23cm)

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    Ultrasonic Cleaner Big Enough to fit a Blaser Moderator (23cm)

    Looking for a good value US cleaner which can fit a moderator 23cm long in.

    Bought two of the smaller, cheaper ones from eBay and wish I had bought bigger from the start.

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    Would prefer to look elsewhere

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    Thought you could just stick a blaser in the washing machine

    Ultrasonic cleaners are pretty good at getting the crud out of moderators, but having put, alloy, steel & stainless steel
    mods in a tank I would just warn you that all had the surface finish affected. Blued steel gets stripped, parkerised like
    the ASE mods also so lose the finish in the end stainless will go matt and possibly a bit patchy, alloy loses it's anodising.
    All this may or may not be a problem for you, your choice, mod will be clean inside though.


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    Lets not start any more Blaser issues

    After reading some of the threads on the forum recently, it seems a good few members have had their mental balance disturbed by the effects of the full moon.

    Anyway, good point. Do not want to damage my pretty black Blaser moderator. What is the best way to get all the crap out then? I have loads of citric acid powder I put in to clean cases. I also have a truly filthy ATEC 22LR moderator which is in a shameful state, which desperately needs cleaning as well.

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    I have one of these units, unfortunately I got it from a firm which had closed its doors for 20...
    the company also make the cleaning solutions and I've had no problems with my wildcat using the right solution, cant remember exactly but I think its the S2 (dark green) for aluminium.

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    Not mine I hasten to add and I have no affiliation to the seller - just caught my eye whilst browsing earlier.

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    I bought one of the Chinese 10 litre analogue ultra sonic cleaners from eBay. Around 150.

    However when I asked Simon Lawrence about putting one of his Titanium moderators in to clean up the inside he wrote in CAPITAL LETTERS THAT I WOULD RUIN IT! I did not dare ask why, maybe somebody can explain the problem.

    Still....if your Blaser one is titanium, perhaps do bit of research before chucking it in the tank.


    Alan, if it goes into an ultrasonic cleaner, it will likely EXPLODE on first shot, so DO NOT ULTRASONIC CLEAN IT! The fluid and crud is a sealant to seal the front and rear threads from powder residue, should the moderator need stripping at a later date, just wipe it off, and don't put anything inside the moderator except bullets through normal use, NO OILS OR ANYTHING ELSE THROUGH THE MODERATOR!
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    Fairly sure the Blaser is just a rebadged Aluminium ATEC.

    Sounds like we should not be cleaning moderators then? Just the threads?

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    You now know everything I do...would be interesting to get corroboration...I have not found anything else about titanium and U/S on t'internet.

    i bought the big tank so I could chuck a Briggs and Stratton carburettor in...but having seen the perforations it will punch through cooking foil in five seconds I got cold feet about that. I still clean up cartridge cases with no worries though.


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