I am off to Melbourne over Easter 2017 to stay with my brother in law and sister in law - I have just noticed a post noting how good Victoria is for hunting.

what would my best way of sorting out a day whilst I'm over there? I presume a guide for a day, but could anyone point me in the right direction and give an idea of cost so I don't get my pants pulled down (as could quite easily happen to someone coming over here). Not really a trophy hunter and have shot Roos, a pig or two etc back when I was a kid working in Queensland, so I wouldn't feel like I'm missing out if I travelled 24hrs on a plane and shot one of our deer species!

also any views on a bit of fishing (fly particulary but anything really) would be handy. Wish I'd caught a Murray cod when I was in Mungundi / Moree but there we go, got to regret some things in life!