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Thread: Heads UP. My Bulgaria BOAR trip.

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    Heads UP. My Bulgaria BOAR trip.

    Right lads if you are coming on the trip can you p.m. me as I have your real names but deleted all my p.m.'s and lost your site names so don't know who you are.
    And if you were wanting to come and I never got back to you there is a place left I think so again and i will forward you to the agent.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.
    It is time to start orginising pre travel and local acomadation and check firearm details.
    regards John.

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    Thanks lads, but there is still a couple of you out there who are paid up.
    and also the maybe's if theres a place left, well there is unless someone claims it.

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    Sorry to pull this up but there is still 1 of you needs to contact me, also the spare gun is still available.

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