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Thread: My thoughts on the new GRS Berserk stock.

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    Thumbs up My thoughts on the new GRS Berserk stock.

    My thoughts on the new GRS Berserk stock.

    Iím 6ft 2Ē and so most ďlong-armsĒ donít fit off the peg as it were.

    I have Tikka T3 in 308 with S&B 8X56 and an over barrel Wildcat Mod which actually means itís short in the stock even with the factory spacers and very front heavy!
    I know about comb raisers, spacer, pads and other bits you can hang on the end or glue, tape or bolt to your rifle to help make it fit and I do or have done this, but if you can afford to get a good fit why not?
    I have been toying with the idea of replacing the stock with something else that fits me, so when GRS (I know there are others) brought out there original range of laminate adjustable stocks they caught my eye and I had a look, and found them fairly costly and ever so slightly uncomfortable in the hand, so I held off.
    When I saw the revised GRS Berserk composite version with reduced grip (5% in the blurb) I thought I would have a look at this to see if it fitted my requirements in this guise. I popped over to Wiltshire Rod and Gun and was impressed with both the service and the stock so I went ahead and purchased it.

    I found that the additional stock weight actually balanced the rifle and it felt very good in my hand compared to the laminate version, after a quick torque up and a few shots I was very happy that I could settle into an aim and repeat it very quickly something I have not been able to do with ease with this rifle ever. I have been out stalking with the rifle in its new setup and I can confirm that it works well and at last I feel I have a near perfect rifle for the cost, although I want to change the scope for a Meopta R2.

    It fits like a glove when adjusted.
    Cost, itís not out of sight expensive.
    Doesnít require pillar bedding or specialist knowledge to fit, just a bit of care and a torque screwdriver.
    The additional weight at the stock aides the balance on MY Rifle setup!

    Getting the bolt out requires a complete collapse of the comb.
    You need to be aware that the moulded pistol grip does encourage you to put your finger into the trigger guard, so be careful of an ND/AD depending how you see it?
    Iím looking forward to the day they offer more inlets. An specifically an XBOLT option I feel this is missing from their current line up

    These are my personal thoughts and Iím no expert!

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    I have one on a 243 T3 lite and one on a 22-250 varmint.
    I agree fully with your comments. If you're lucky enough to have a rifle for which they make a Berserk stock then get one - simple as that.
    Re a Berserk stock for the X Bolt - I'm not sure it will happen because Browning already supply an X Bolt with a GRS laminate stock (you can't buy an aftermarket laminate X Bolt stock from GRS) so I can't imagine Browning wanting to lose sales to a product supplied by a company with whom they already have a stock supply deal.



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    We Sako 75 owners need someone to step up and accommodate us now!
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    I liked the feel of the stock but thought there is too much play in the forend and it would not accept my AI bottom metal

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    Quote Originally Posted by I. Farticus View Post
    We Sako 75 owners need someone to step up and accommodate us now!
    This is the only thing I don't like about my 75, the limited aftermarket stocks.

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    I have GRS varmint sporters on two of my 75's and love them. I would like a synthetic but I'm sure the 75 will be added to the berserk line soon
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    I have a Staffordshire Synthetics adjustable thumb hole on my .243 it's a great stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by I. Farticus View Post
    We Sako 75 owners need someone to step up and accommodate us now!
    Damn right

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