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    Vaping / E-cigs / Cigarettes

    Guys, I used to smoke quite heavily around 20 a day, when shooting form highseats in the midge infested west of Scotland along with my skin so soft/smidge/deet it seemed to do the trick but now I have stopped smoking and started vaping with an ecig, well this summer the midges were intolerable!!! has it just been a bad year for them? are cigarettes really that good a deterrent for the wee buggers or is the sweet smelling ecig vape actually attracting them? has there been any studies done into this I cant find anything and if so is there any ecig oil that will work as a deterrent. I dare say vaping deet oil or citronella oil would probably work in keeping away the midges however I don't fancy my lungs chances of survival long term!!!

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    I started on the e cigs, they certainly don't work on midges in my opinion. You can't beat three pipefuls of a strong tobacco when sitting behind a grouse butt picking up on a humid day. Used to smoke one after another then reload whilst my poor grey coloured dogs whimpered alongside me. I have even seen guns starting a smokey fire in a butt on bad days.
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    Quit totally , get rid of that vape crutch ... break the habit ...& but a head net


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    I smoke cigars and montecristo minis. Zero midges come near me ��

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    Not in your class, m'dear!

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