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Thread: 243 factory ammo in tikka 595

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    243 factory ammo in tikka 595

    as title suggests does anyone have any recomenations for the above rifle its a tikka 595 1 in ten standard twist ive been using winchester 100 grain soft points to good affect and winchester silver tips 95 grainers which i found arnt as good as the others i m not really looking to change but was wondering what any other 595 users like through there gun or if they have any preference to ammo

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    Swatty. It's very hard to tell. I suggest buying a box of each type of factory ammo that's available in your area and doing a trial. It's likely one will perform better in your rifle. I personally used the Sako 90gr for quite a long time on roe deer, a friend likes RWS. If you don't have to shoot a 100gr bullet, then a lighter bullet may perform better in the 1:10 twist. I have also used Sako 100gr recently, again to good effect. Once you home in on a couple of likely rounds, get a pal (that can shoot) to try them too, preferably without telling him which one is which. Rgds JCS

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    243 ammo

    Hi Swatty,I had a Tikka 595 in .243 calibre ,got rid of it and got myself a finnlight sako in .243 now,not that there was anything wrong with it,just wanted a change.
    Anyway i used Federal premiums sierra gameking"s 85 grain thought they were very good.
    Might be worth a try,they suited my rifle.
    ATB John

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    Hi swatty
    I have had mine for 10 years now and love it to bits best factory loads mine liked was Federal premiums 80 grain
    I just started to load so trying a few diffrent loads but it does like Hornedy 87 grain ballistic tips
    ATB V

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    1st ever centre fire was tikka m595 when they 1st came out on market as at time i thought most expencive ammo would be best, i tryed everything and the cheepest being winchester sp 110g was all their was left to try, looking at the tip of bullet head they were a rite mess but at the range shot 101% mate uses same rifle now in 270 & he clover leafs at just over 100 using fed power shock...

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    i find not that ive used much else that the winchester 100 grain power points are pretty good and cheap both me and my old man shoot the same rifle only im a left hooker so both have same rifle calibre etc with him bing a tight arse ive not really tryed owt else bar the silver tips which although cost a good bit more dont seem as good i was thinking along the lines of an 80 grain bullet like mentioned above but rather than go out spending fortunes on different bullets i though id see what everyone elses opinons were first cheers for the tips ill have to have a play about

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    Norma 100grain sp's all the time, far more consitant than winchester [I don't like win ammo]

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