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Thread: Munty not right

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    Munty not right

    Out with the dog tonight on a path through the wood, we came across a munty buck that was behaving very oddly, bouncing from side to side of the path and then on reaching each side circling back to try again.

    We stood and watched it for a while from about 25 yards until it finally charged into the brambles and then stayed there close to the path, crashing about as we walked by.

    The only time I've come across anything like this was when my guvnor was called out to shoot a fallow buck that was going in circles on a walkers' path and making half-hearted charges at anyone or any dog that came close. That turned out to be someone's botched head-shot attempt that had gone through both ears and clipped the top of its skull, and in doing so detached both retinas.

    This munty too looked sight-impaired, but if anyone can think of any other suggestions I'd welcome them. FWIW it certainly didn't look like hormonal behaviour.

    Typically, too clumsy to get my camera phone out in time, sorry.

    (Sadly I had to leave it as it's not my ground so I can't carry a rifle when I'm out walking there).

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    Drunk? Ruminants can have problems with eating too many apples or fruit. Any Apple trees nearby??

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    i saw a buck behaving oddly wouldnt bolt cover just hugged the edges when it finally did both front legs were badly broke couldnt out run a terrier shot the poor thing

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    I have a lot of oaks in my wood and I expect to see really strange behaviour from the Muntis at this time of the year when they are feeding hard on acorns. Wf1

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    Yep! add blackberries and crab apples to acorns,it's a potent mix for colic or internal trouble.
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    I guess it could have been intoxicated at that. Thanks all, you learn something new every day!

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    Marinated from the inside, yum!!
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    I like that idea marinate from the inside. I wonder what else we can feed them.

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