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Thread: 625 a Tray.....How much!

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    625 a Tray.....How much!

    At the game dealers dropping off our pigeons, a Merc fridge van was full to the brim with trays of partridges.
    I started doing the maths for what has been spent by the people shooting them!!

    25 in a tray @ 25 quid per bird! We both agreed our days shooting was far more fun and would have cost 6850.00!! lol

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    You forgot the vat surely?
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    Only 25 a bird a bird as well!!

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    25/bird = mucho cheapo

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    i think you could easily put another tenner a bird on them

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    Doubt you will get partridge shooting at 25 a bird.

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    Greys round here on one shoot I know were 175 a brace 10 years ago......
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    feck that! drive around the lanes and they are free in your quick ??

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    If you can get partridges at 25 a bird then I'd like to book a few days

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    We charge 35/bird but at the game dealers you are hard pushed to get 40p/bird

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