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Thread: Reloading manuals

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    Reloading manuals

    I'm looking for a little advice on reloading manuals in general i.e. which one is worth investing in the most.

    I have a .270 sako 85 synthetic stainless and have tried some of the loads discussed in previous threads. It may be due to my amateur approach to the whole reloading set up (hopefully not) but I'm struggling to get groups tighter than I can with federal factory rounds.

    I have a bag of once fired, and a bag of new winchester brass, CCI large rifle primers, and a box of 130gn sierra game king and a box of 130gn nosler accubond to start finding the sweet sopt.

    Any advice on either the ideal manual or any further advice on load construction would be greatly appreciated.

    My thanks in advance, DC .270

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    DC. The Lee manual has been widely recommended in threads already. It's a good read and a good reference book. I have it and the Hornady manual as I like to use Hornady's bullets and dies. Rgds JCS

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    Try the One book/one load small manual for specific calibers, I have the 270, 243, 223, and the 7x57, the 270 has 58 differant powders for 65 various bullets, try I paid about 8 each, try google search etc for prices. Or major powder and bullet manufacturers websites for load data. deerwarden

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    I would agree that the Hornady Manual is very good, only issue I have with it is that it is missing the one bullet that I reload which i only found out after i got the thing home

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    I'm just about to start reloading for the .270 again after a few years. i checked out my old load data from my last one and it reminded me that i used a magnum primer to get best results. if you try this remember to reduce your loads to start with then work back up.
    i used reloader 22 and sierra pro hunter 130gn.

    Hope this helps, Ezzy

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    DC .270

    Just follow Muir's threads.

    Get a Lee manual as it is the "Guide". Then get either manuals or download the FREE data for your specific calibre. Powder manufacturer first, bullet manufacturer second.

    Not a lot of expense.


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    Stan! What bullet you shoot is of no consequence: a 150 grain 30 caliber Speer uses the same data as a 150 grain Nosler. It's all physics. I like the Lee book because it was written in conjunction with powder makers. ~Muir

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    Stan!, I won a Speer Reloading Manual a long time ago at the borders stalkers shoot and it has been an invaluable guide to me, all the powder makers will suplly you with the current load data.

    Dry Powder.


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    DC, if you are after a reloading manual to teach you "how to", I found the Sierra manual which came with the RCBS kit very good.

    If you are after load data for your specific round, the powder makers web sites are the places to go:

    Hodgdon's is particularly good.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    +1 on the Hodgen site tables. I only use Varget and H4350 so this is an invaluable resource.

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