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Thread: Subaru Forester

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    Subaru Forester

    Does anyone us a subaru forester diesel version i am considering one instead of a freelander 2 this is now on its last warning after three call outs from the aa.

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    All the local pikeys seem to like them. And you never see them in a freeloader, that says enough to me...

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    I did exactly what you are thinking of, had it for 17 months and 29k miles without a problem. Mpg on a recent trip to Germany was 44. A bit lower clearance than the FL2 so you have to be careful. I got the diesel auto.

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    Get the 2.0 Xt (Turbo / Petrol) & sod the MPG - in a Subaru it stands for Miles per Grin.
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    Ive already had a legacy turbo estate best car ive ever owned it had to go because of the fuel it only hade 175k on the clock and never any issues guy i sold it to broke the gearbox at 245k engine still good

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    I bought a two litre petrol Forester in 2003 and kept it for thirteen years. It never missed a beat. Superb reliability.
    As an off road vehicle, the Forester is limited by its ground clearance and the 'overhang', particularly at the front.

    As a car for the open road but with off-road capability, I could not fault it.

    Be careful what you buy as spares for the older models are becoming a problem and some of the prices asked are a pure rip-off.
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    Be careful with pre 2009 diesels, there is a well known issue with the first version of the boxer diesel engine, giving sudden and unexpected engine failure - crank oil feed issue, which was redesigned in vs2 boxer engines.

    I considered a diesel Legacy before settling on something else due to the unknown with the fault.

    Ive had several petrol scoobies before and love them, but just dont trust the early diesels - they used the same engine in Impreza, Legacy and Forester

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    just go all out and get yourself a impreza the rally boys seem to get on really well with them off road so why shouldnt you

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