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Thread: parker hale 009

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    parker hale 009


    Anyone here use Parker Hale 009 for lead/metal removal, if so, at which stage, and for how long do you leave it before wiping out?


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    I've used 009 and Hoppes (same thing) for years. It's not the most effective copper remover but does for most of my cleaning needs. I can't remember how long you are supposed to leave it - 20minutes, half hour? But sometimes I leave it overnight.
    Now that someone has answered your question everyone will jump in and tell you, you would be better off with XYZ or ABC etc. It does the job, nothing special about it and it is cheaper now than it was years ago, relatively speaking.

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    I am not sure that there is anything in the P-H009 that can damage the barrel unlike some cleaners. I have also used to to wipe down the outside bluing to no ill effect. In normal cleaning I leave it 5-10 minutes. if the barrel is more heavily fouled leave it longer. On a newly acquired used rifle I will give it a good scrubbing with P-H 009 leave it to stand muzzle down then wipe it through and repeat about 3 times. if it reveals copper fouling I then wipe it through with dry clean patches and apply Forrest Foaming bore cleaner to remove the copper fouling. Doing this it removed nearly all the copper and carbon foulign froma used rifle for Steve Kershaw to be able to use the bore scope to inspect the bore properly.

    Oh P-h 009 is not the same as it used to be since Rothery took the name Parker-Hale. It's clear now and it used to be coloured? Shame he has the name as I would rather deal with someone else .

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    I only use this stuff on the hinges of the gun safes / cabinets,........... just for the smell!
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    I also used to apply it to the bluing of a rifle and shotgun when I didn't know any different and I also noticed no ill effect.

    Yes used to like the smell of it too.

    I don't use it now only because I go with recommendations of what the masses use such as Butches but I always thought that 009 was similar. I think though the 009 must be less effective as a copper solvent as I can't imagine putting Butches on bluing to no ill effect but haven't actually tried it so who knows>

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    It's actually excellent at removing finger prints and general crud for the outer surfaces of the rifle. It can also be wiped over a lot of stock finished without damaging them unlike some copper solvents. It's not a copper solvent if you read the label by a nitro solvent.

    Edit:- it's also wonderful for removing years of accumulated crud around sights, bolt crannies etc. I use it extensively on old rifles to remove the crud left behind but the so careful previous owners who no doubt use the latest greatest faddy thing on the market. An old tooth brush dipped in P-H 009 clean em up a treat without damage to the original finish. It also keeps the bores in tip top condition with proper cleaning. if you want to know how to clean a rifle properly then read the new issue of sporting rifle and learn how NOT to do it.
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    Yes that would make sense then if it is not actually a copper solvent. Probably why is was used so extensively for cleaning shotguns and handguns years ago and actually why I wouldn't use it today for rifles I suppose.

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    Oh dear. How do you expect the other cleaners to work until you have removed the hard glaze of burnt on Nitro fouling? Why do you think Hoppes make a Nitro solvent AND a copper remover. If you read their instructions surely it says use the Nitro solvent first just for this reason. To remove the burnt on powder fouling and let the copper solvent do it's job. P-H 009 works just fine but hell it's your gun and stuff so do what you like. I won't effect me in any way.

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    Sorry Brithunter was that directed at me?

    If so have you been drinking that moonshine again?
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    Probably why is was used so extensively for cleaning shotguns and handguns years ago and actually why I wouldn't use it today for rifles I suppose.
    Yes it was and that's why. I will continue to use while I can get it and not worry what others think or do.

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