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Thread: Identifying Old(ish) Dies

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    Identifying Old(ish) Dies

    I have been given a set of dies by a fellow club member, .38 special/.357. I'm told they were possibly manufactured by Jim Goodwin of North Devon Firearms. Can anyone help, they are steel and appear in good condition. I am told they are of very good quality. Please note I know nothing about pistol calibres.



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    Yes you've been told right, I have a set that I've been using for years and that I purchased off Jim at one of the anno domini pistol meeting's in the early eighties.
    I did hear that when NDFS closed the company was purchased by a couple of Welsh guys with the intention of moving manufacture over the channel to South Wales but I'm not sure if they ever got around to actually producing any new dies.

    They are of good quality and I seem to recall Jim said that he used titanium carbide for the sizing ring insert rather than the usual tungsten carbide. I also have a set of spacer rings that were normally supplied with the dies so as to permit quick changes from .357 to .38spl (using the same bullet) without the need to readjust the dies.
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