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Thread: Strange behaviour

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    Strange behaviour

    Having recently returned from my first goose shooting trip to Tiree, courtesy of Argyll Estates, I seem to have developed an odd habit.

    The advice from an experienced wild fowler on the trip was to lie face down when flighting and don't "bloody move".

    This has manifested itself into a habit of whenever I hear the sound of geese in the sky, whether I am outside pottering in the garden, walking the dogs, sitting a beer garden, I now freeze / drop my head / crouch, and prepare for the shot.

    This new trait draws concerned and exasperated looks from my wife and children who are now convinced there is something seriously wrong with me 😳.

    Has anyone else experienced a similar change of habits following a new shooting experience.


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    Part of the symptoms of GOOSE FEVER!! WF1

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    Buy a face veil & gloves & look up slowly.
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    Two weeks ago I was stalking a roe buck who had all but vanished into a thick hedge, a few minutes latter a big skein of canadas came over, very low and as they on seeing me flared away honking like mad the roe buck stepped out to see what was going on, bad move on his part and he is now in the deep freeze.

    Was aware that I had about 300+ canada on the adjacent stubble fields so I used the situation to my advantage, however the sound of mallard does get me into statue mode!!!


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    Has anyone else experienced a similar change of habits following a new shooting experience.
    No. but that said there was old man in the village who was German, and a POW who had stayed on, in farm work, after 1945...his part of Germany having fallen to the Russians...who did have such habit.

    If you approached him from behind when he came out of the pub having had one too many lagers, and shouted loudly, "Achtung Spitfeuer!" he would violenty and reflexively throw himself into the nearest ditch or gutter and take cover...

    Oh how it gave the village youth, as they and we then were, much amusement in that long endless summer of 1976 whilst waiting four our A Level results..
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    Similar, in a little pub in Warwick,there used to be a guy who was punchy and had sparred with Randy Turpin. If you rang the time bell on the bar end he would jump up fighting. We got barred for a month for doing it and thinking now I feel so sad that we thought it amusing then.
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