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Thread: Replacing muntjac tusks

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    Replacing muntjac tusks

    Just done my first muntjac buck skull mount today, I haven't cut it and aim to mount the full upper jaw/skull. The tusks came out during the boiling - can anyone tell me the best way to mount them back in please? I'm assuming glue of some sort and it's probably easy but I must be missing something, the angles seem all wrong.

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    I prefer to pack them in using wet tissue paper, that way you can play around with how they sit, once you've got the angle right you can either use super glue or grab adhesive that is either translucent or white when it dries
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    When I was training for a career in orthodontics we used cheap super glue to replace teeth with in the models pre casting . so a good brand with be just fine .

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    The problem is that the tusks are naturally mounted in cartilage which allows them to flex and move whilst in use! Simply gluing them in will set them much deeper than they should be, and probably at a strange angle. You can get a white equivalent of Blue Tack, (strangely called White Tack!). This will allow you to effectively replace the missing cartilage and set the tusks at the right depth and angle. Sorted!

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    Perfect - thank you!

    I'll get some and look for a picture to try and get the angle right.

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    I know this is going to sound obvious but don't mix up the left and right! they stick outward more than you think on a cleaned skull as, of course, on the live animal they have to clear the lower lips.

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