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Thread: Full set up .243

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    Full set up .243

    Not getting used so my 243 gear is for sale:

    Rifle: Sako M591 .243 Optilock rings (inch or 30mm) and bases 400 Good condition, shoots nice groups with 105gr RWS or Geco if I do my bit right. 1/2inch UNF thread. Moderator: Wildcat 8 .243 90 Happy for face to face, or need to add RFD/courier fees.

    Scope: Schmidt Bender PM1 3–12 x 50; Bryant Reticle. 600 plus postage. There are some marks on the turrets, and the tube from rings. Nice clean lenses, good images (Jupiter moons!). It was made in 1998 and so still in the 30 yr warranty.

    Binoculars: Swarovski SLC 8 x 50 600 plus postage. Nice bins, especially in low light.

    Dies: .243 Redding 25 posted. (Plus approx. 200 once fired cases if you pay postage!) SOLD
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20160903_124043_resized.jpg   20160903_124019_resized.jpg   20161005_224314_resized.jpg   20160903_124134_resized.jpg   dies.jpg  

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    I'll take the dies please, pm me to sort out payment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasherman View Post
    I'll take the dies please, pm me to sort out payment.
    Sold. Paid for. Posted!

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    Price drop on rifle (given discussion on here!) to 400.

    Someone wanted the moderator, but I've purged my inbox so lost their details. If you are out there, it's yours!

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