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    I just returned from my annual stalking in the Lochailort region of Scotland. As most of you know, the weather in Scotland last week was fabulous. I cleanly shot 5 stags in 5 days. Stalker told me that, in 25 years, second stag was greatest stalk he ever led with a guest--we closed 1000 yards to 120 over mostly open ground in the face of 9 hinds in a little over 1.5 hrs. I'm sharing this experience with you because I know all of you can clearly relate to the experience and feelings of a clean successful stalk. Friends here enjoy the tales, photos, etc, but I know that unless you've been there and done that, you can't Truly understand the experience--inclusive of the taste and satisfaction of that first pint at the end of a long day on the hill. Guys, in my opinion, there is nowhere in the world comparable to stalking in Scotland. I'm going on 76 years old. I've missed a few years, but have made the trek to Scotland nearly every year since 1968. The only thing that has changed in all those years is the gear. Mistakes and poor judgement I've made over the years number in the hundreds, but this year went beautifully and I just felt a need to share with a group I think will appreciate the meaning of the memories i have from this years experience. (I can still very clearly see, in my mind, all 5 of those crosshairs). Larry

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    Well done ,i hope i,m still scratching around when i,m 76,nothing better for the soul than being out,anywhere atb doug,

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    well done Larry
    I have to agree many stalkers from all over the world travel to the highlands I only do it twice a year but its the high light shared with my best friends and with great guides .hope I can still do it at 76
    keep the faith

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    Larry ,

    Great memories.

    May your eyes see clear and your knees hold out for a few more years yet!
    Scotland is indeed a magical place to stalk!


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    I must admit, nothing is like stalking Red in the highlands. Thanks for sharing.

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    I have just returned from stalking stags in Argyll. I have hunted all over the world and decided to invite my 2 friends from Finland. They have hunted far more and wide than I. After 3 days and 5 hard erned stags we have concluded that without doubt stag stalking in Scotland is the most challenging and rewarding of any form of hunting. Africa is great but in all honesty to drop a stag after climbing a mountain and getting the beast down is so thrilling.
    It was the first time in Scotland for my Finnish friends and they have all ready booked for next year, as have I.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsettaff View Post
    Larry ,
    Great memories.
    May your eyes see clear and your knees hold out for a few more years yet!
    Scotland is indeed a magical place to stalk!DT
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Well done and really pleased you had such a good week. Sadly this year I am stuck overseas and won't be able to get out until next year. I used to stalk in the Kinlochourn/Loch Quoich area and know just how fantastic the area is. I still remember a day there - 18 Oct unbelievable late summer weather without a midge to be seen. Not a cloud in the sky and stags roaring like the last night of the Proms. Spectacular day right up in the tops and three good shootable stags in the boat to the larder at the end of the day.

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