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Thread: EMTEC - ear plugs

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    EMTEC - ear plugs

    Hi guys
    Just wondering if anyone has experience with these?

    I understand that they are fitted to you ear and significantly increase the level of protection you get.

    I hate feeling like I am in a 'bubble' while stalking, an effect which conventional plugs produce, so I'm hoping to find a happy medium.

    I understand that not all electronic devices which claim to 'cut off' in time to stop loud noises are effective in this regard, is there any way of telling which is more advanced/effective (other than pricetag)?



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    hi boghossian
    i have got a set of them the are great they cost me about 65 a few years ago,they are not electric they just have a filter in them.its very rare a take the odd shot without them in now.he is based somewhere near shrewsbury.if you cant find him give me a shout i think the phone number is on the box.

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