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Thread: Old shooter newish to stalking

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    Old shooter newish to stalking

    Been shooting air rifles since I was a lad, became involved in full bore rifle shooting in 1980 and ran various target shooting clubs. Also shoot muzzle loading pistol, rifle and shotgun. Joined a pheasant syndicate, in West Berkshire, about 5 years ago and as there was deer shooting available, varied my FAC to allow me to shoot deer and vermin. Almost all the deer shooting is from fixed high seats and we get roe and muntjac. First rifle I bought for deer was a no4 in .303 which shoots very well, being left handed bought a T3 in .223 with the varmint barrel so could use it for both targets and small deer and vermin. Recently acquired a left handed Tikka M65 in .270 and have just finished setting it up, hope to get out with it next week, after I have done my pheasant feeding stint on the shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UmtaliPete View Post
    bought a T3 in .223 with the varmint barrel so could use it for both targets and small deer
    welcome but edit your intro!! 243?
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    No edit needed rifle is .223 used only for munti's, foxes and occasional hares.

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