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Thread: Things you will always remember

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    Things you will always remember

    Some things will stick with you forever, had one of these today. Was out with a guest at the stags , when we eased forward to spy into a corrie below us , within a space of probably 5 seconds, we heard several stags roaring around the corrie, heard grouse calling "go back, go back" and had a skein of geese honk as they passed maybe 150 yrds up. A moment the guest and myself will always remember .

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    Used to live up in Cumbria (Askham). About 17 years ago was at Haweswater sat up on Rough Crag on a beautiful frosty morning watching the Ullswater Hounds hunt up Riggindale about 300 ft below me, when above me I herd a call, looked up to see the Golden Eagle circling only about 30 yards up. Went over to the Haweswater Hotel after for a few pints and sing along. A magical day.

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