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Thread: Hide curing companies?

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    Hide curing companies?

    I would like to keep a few Sika hides and have them made into soft rugs or blankets/throws for the sofa.

    Has anyone done this or know of a company (preferably Dorset/Hampshire area) that does it?

    I know there are tannerys that can make them into leather but I actually want the fur on. I have seen them around so someone somewhere is doing it but my google searches have come up pretty fruitless so far.

    Any and all info much appreciated.


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    Very good final product but expect a long wait. Circa 6-8 months.

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    I did read this title as "hiding companies that do curing" and opened to find out why on earth anyone would want to hide them haha fail!

    But now I'm here thats a useful link, bookmarked!
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    Devonia is the place, i have seen their work, it's top notch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Biathlonjimmy View Post

    Very good final product but expect a long wait. Circa 6-8 months.
    So when did you last have something done by them? I've asked them twice after recommendation on here, both times they have relied with the same answer " WE DONT DO PRIVATE SKINS?HIDES". so I presume they don't do them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    www wildlife products,
    Same again, these don't do the tanning its done in Europe and they buy in.

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    quite random in terms of delivery and collection, but the Skye tannery might do them.

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    I was reading something on here I think the other week about tanning fallow skins. It might be worth having a go yourself. If you've got the space, time and inclination. I think a kit only costs about £30. Get yourself a big bag of salt from a cash and carry and salt the skins until they're completely dry. Then it's up to you whether you try and tan them yourself or find somewhere to send them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by levigsp View Post
    Same again, these don't do the tanning its done in Europe and they buy in.

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