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Thread: Tipping

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    What would folks consider a proper tip to a stalker, lets say 3 days stalking with one stag taken. All 3 days were very enjoyable.

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    whatever you feel is right,you will get thousands of answers ,atb doug

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    As others have said what you feel is right, I have had everything from the offer of a holiday abroad to being handed an envelope when the client left which turned out to be empty, will never know if it was a mistake or not.

    Some will suggest a bottle and while most stalkers enjoy a dram it might not be the best idea, a bottle usually ends up staying in the larder to be shared by the staff , other stalkers , Ghillie's etc employed on the estate, even future clients are likely to be given a dram from it so its not personal.
    Know its not much help , but I would not like to state an actual figure, as its very much a personal thing depending on the attitude of the stalker and the service you received.

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    ok head above the parrapit time. I gave him 30. incoming!!!!

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    I would think 30 - 50 per day for an estate stalker for whom tips will be an important component of their income. Different for stalkers who have their own business and get all the outing cost.

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    For three enjoyable days , got to 50 minimum...

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    You clearly think you shortchanged him yourself, 30 a day stag or no stag if the effort was made would be minimum in my opinion.

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    It would be interesting in hearing of personal tips received by the pro deer guides themselves that are on SD as to what they have/haven't received or been offered.
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    tip: verb a sum of money given as a reward for a service.

    Sounds so simple, but of course it's a minefield.

    Personally I hate tipping, particularly when it's to someone directly selling the service and you get the feeling they take tips for granted. If someone expects a tip just for doing their normal job then they should simply add it to their fees and be done with it - it saves embarrassment all round.

    I see it differently, though, for those who are employed to perform that job - whether stalker, gamekeeper, ghillie.....or waiter. In many cases their employer has factored tips into their overall package, so naturally a tip should be offered.

    When considering the size of the tip I normally start on 10% of the fee - so if I was paying 400 for a day's stalking with the chance of a shot then maybe I'd consider 40 as a minimum tip if it either worked out successfully or we tried our damnedest but luck wasn't with us. If presented with a shot at a royal rather than the ugly switch next to it then double the tip accordingly!

    Much the same when it comes to gamekeepers - minimum of 20 and then 10 per 100 birds or part thereof. So 30 for a 100 bird day and 40 for a 150 bird day. If you've really enjoyed the day or the company, then round it up accordingly.

    If you want to offer a gift of whisky or similar, go ahead. Just remember that not everyone likes whisky and you can't use a bottle of whisky to pay for a meal out with the wife or filling up with diesel.

    That's just me. Others I am sure feel different.
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