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Thread: 30-06 Barnes TTSX

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    30-06 Barnes TTSX

    I'd like to experiment with Barnes 168gr or 180gr TTSX in a 30-06 after a 180r Sierra GK didn't exit a Sika stag at 120 yards or so and the core separated from the jacket. It's not the end of the world, but I plan to hunt bigger animals and want better penetration, preferably an exit. Think I may be pushing the GK too fast for close range perhaps? They are leaving the barrel at 2950 fps.

    Iv'e read to go lighter than normal to get good velocities and expansion with the TTSX, but with a 26" 1:10 twist barrel, I'm fairly confident I could get decent velocities/stability with the 180r TTSX for optimal expansion.

    I'm currently using RL22 powder and have a few tubs to hand. Does anyone else use RL22 with the 168r or 180gr TTSX in 30-06? I also have a few tubs of RL17 if this would be better, but would this faster powder make the most of a 26" barrel?

    There isn't any data on the Barnes site for RL22, but common sense tells me to start with a charge weight 10% lower than what I currently use for the 180 GK and work up slowly? I guess I'm after confirmation that this will be safe to do.

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    150 grain will give the same performance as a 180 lead cup/core bullet with improved trajectory.
    The 180 TTSX may not stabilise at 06 velocities.

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    2950 fps with the 180 gr. Sierra! That is equal to a .300 Win Mag. The Barnes will work fine, or you could load the Sierra down to 2650 or 2700 fps.

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    i have come back to 150gk in my 3006. I tried A max (168 i think), and they did not exit anything red, and broke up badly. They killed, but were messy and not positive. The GK are positive killers in my experience, i had a longer range rutting stag last week, and it dropped in its shadow. 2850 at the barrel and exit everything so far. Exited the stag at 300 meters,but minimal damage

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