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Thread: HUnting in Turkey - advice.

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    HUnting in Turkey - advice.

    I've got an opportunity to add in some hunting after a business trip to the Izmir area. On previous visits i've seen lots of boar around and my contacts reckon they could set something up.
    Anyone else hunted in this part of the world and how easy is it to set up, get the rifle across, licence, fees, etc, etc.
    Many thanks in advance.

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    I havent a clue but do everything right as you dont want to be another Billy Hayes lol.
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    Something in my memory says Turkey is shotguns only.

    I'd want to be sure everything was in order paperwork wise.

    Wouldn't want to spend a few days in the pokey there.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    A friend of mine hunted there a few years ago - no real problems and some huge boar. I think it was southern Anatalyia.

    The reason for this however is that no-one hunts them - this is a Moslem country (whether the constitution says so or not) so if you want any trophies you will need to hack them out yourself - no-one is going to touch a dead boar. They will lay and rot where they fall.

    I have travelled there myself (by train - another story.....) and found it a fascinating place but as said you better make certain all the i's are dotted....

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    Last year , I stayed in a hotel at the back of marmaris just at the base of the hills , each evening you could see 15 to 20 around the feilds at the back , the locals did not want anything to do with them alive or dead , just be aware the hills at the back of Antalya are a little bit lively at the min , it might not be so much fun if you get return fire

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    It is possible to take a rifle with you to Turkey. I know a lad who goes out once a year with his 9.3x62 to stalk a few big ones in the full moon. And they are BIG !

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    I am in Antalya at the moment and its a full moon

    My place is imediatly in front of the mountains and I think I may go for a look see this evening.
    Never thaught to bring my rifle to Turkey?

    As for missile attack? every one over here is scratching their heads wondering wher it could of been as no one seems to know anything about it.

    I was in Antalya old harbor last night and all was normal?

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