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Thread: New Political Threat and related petition

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    New Political Threat and related petition

    Please note and sign if you so wish. Its from the CA - again.

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    Help Save our Sport. Act Now!
    Sign the petition...
    Protect grouse Moors and grouse shooting

    Grouse moors and grouse shooting are an integral part of moorland management both for the grouse and other native wildlife such as lapwing and curlew it also helps support of local businesses and jobs in the local areas this cannot be banned

    Here is a link to the Countryside Alliance website for more information on how grouse moors benefit the environment and the facts behind it:
    Dear Friends,The 'opposition' have managed to gain the magical 100,000 signature total which allows a hearing in the House of Lords to ban grouse shooting. All types of shooting will be next on their hit list. To protect your sport and peoples livelihoods could you please log onto the link below from the Moorland Association and sign the E-petition, it only takes a couple of clicks !

    Please pass this on to all the people you know who are involved in shooting whether it be guns, beaters, pickers up, hotel owners, pubs etc
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