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Thread: which powder for 6.5x55

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    which powder for 6.5x55

    hi Guys,
    For the last 10 years or more I've used Viht N160 for my 6.5x55 however for whatever reason Viht powders seems to be unavailable here in N.Ireland so the question is what else works well?

    I use Reloader 15 in my 308 and am very pleased with it. I only shoot 120gr soft points and Nosler BT's in my 6.5 and have them go about 2800fps which seems to perform perfectly for what I need.
    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated


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    I use RL17/RS60/Elcho 17 with 140 SST to good effect

    Also look at RS70 or RL22 both good powders with the Swede but may be a little too slow for 120 grain bullets

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    Thanks, Ive been looking into reloader 19 and 22 I suppose there's only 1 way to find out what works!

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    Have a look at the viht burn comparison chart. It's in the free online manuals.

    Rl19 works but not a fan of the chunky sticks.

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    This will sound like it's out of left field, but the best powder I have used with 120 and 140 grn in several 6.5x55's is IMR 7828 SSC. I don't know if it's available to you but I have found it to be superb in this cartridge. Hodgdon's web site has data.~Muir

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    What barrel lengths do you run on your 14-15 6.5's Muir? I was considering trying IMR 7828 SSC (on your recommendation some time back) but I then read someone else claiming that it was too slow to fully deliver with shorter barreled 6.5's (I have a 20" barrel on my Sako)

    PS still using your previous preferred powder IMR4350 and that works very well for me.

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    Great results with H4895 and 120gn Sierra Pro Hunter.

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    H4350, h4831, imr4350, n160, r19.
    Is there a time and place for spontaneity?

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    Reloaded 19 has always worked well for my rounds,aswell as N160

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    If you can find a source of reloader Swiss.. RS60 is the perfect 6.5x55 powder..

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