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Thread: Well done Gunner

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    Well done Gunner

    Well decide to how a look for a few pigeons yesterday, so I gave my grandad a call Wednesday afternoon to see if he was up for a day out?? All I got back from him was "see you in the morning boy."

    Picked him up just after 8am a quick stop at the bakers saw us get to the farm at 9am.
    None of the farm has been drilled yet most of the fields have been turned over and raked flat but there were a lot of birds milling about and seem to be using 4 fields.
    2 of the fields had rape in this year, 1 had wheat in and the other had beans in which is still yet to be turned over.

    We sat in the truck for a good hour and half trying to see if we could see a flight line!!!!
    I don't know why but it seemed so difficult to see a pattern all I could put it down to is that they have such a mixed diet at the moment with the weather changing.

    In the end I made a decision to set up along a belt of trees on the bean field I thought they always seem to use these tree to sit up in after a feed, this turned out to be the best thing I did all day because my shooting was terrible!!!! :-(

    We started off in the 1 hide together but after a while I noticed that a lot of birds were passing the trees about 80yards up to the right so I decided to go up there I made myself a little natural hide. The birds continue to pass over me for most of the day with a few going into my grandad. Normally I pick up the birds has I go but yesterday I didn't I only picked up the runners.

    We called it a day at 4.45pm knowing I had a lot of tidying up to do a lot of the birds were shot out in front but there were a few that had fallen in the belt of trees.
    I collect everything that I could see in front while the dog was picking up in the trees.
    We loaded the truck with all the gear then set about counting the birds.
    We got to 98, I said "NO Im not leaving until I find 2 more" I sent the poor old dog back in the trees he worked it all over again popping out 30yards long the tree line then 80yards just when I was just about to say that's it he came back with a bird and number 99.
    I looked at my grandad and said "we can't leave it like that" by now it was dark but once again I pushed Gunner back into the trees I wasn't very confident about finding another 1 because he had worked his nuts off going over the same bit of ground time and time again. Each time he popped out to see where I was I was begging him to find just 1 more!!!!
    After about 10mins I thought there maybe a brid that had fallen out the back in the other field because the trees are only 50yards deep, so I took the dog through the trees and push him back into the field behind I couldn't see where he was until after a few minutes when he brought back a bird and number 100!!!!
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    Well done to you, your Grandad and your dog!

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    Well done to you, your Grandad and your dog!

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