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Thread: new toy well second hand

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    new toy well second hand

    hi all picked up my new toy today second hand cz550 in .243 with a meopta 6x42 and t8 nice wee rifle any one had one and your veiws much appreciated

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    I have a CZ 550 in 6.5X55 with a S&B 6X42, you will not be disappointed

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Got one in 308 with Swarovski 8x50 and a T8 no complaints whatsoever, think you wil be pleasantly surprised.


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    cheers guys going out for a play tonight the guy in the shop bore sighted it for me so hope fully wont take to much to zero it in will post pics

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    I have no idea why the snobbery that surrounds the CZ-Brno rifles exists and I have yet to see one shoot poorly. I have to say I happen to think the Americanism of the 550 was not the best move. So much so I hunted out a new ZKK 601 standard in .308 instead of buy the newly introduced 550. Much prefer the style of the ZKK 600 series over the 550. either in my humble opinion are better by far than the much vaunted Remington 700.

    I look forwards to seeing the photos and the groups too nd have faith that you will be very pleased with it indeed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    Much prefer the style of the ZKK 600 series over the 550.
    A man who knows what he is talking about. I've had three ZKK series rifles and agree with him especially when they had the superb BRNO designed 'scope rail and its dedicated Zeiss-Jena 'scope.

    Form follows function. There wasn't an ounce of metal on that rifle or 'scope system that was unecessary.

    Although the later ZKK rifles were ruined with that stupid "bast**dised Weatherby look" stock inflicted on them!

    Almost a perfect rifle...except for the safety and that the sensible (and normal) looking trigger that replaced the awful single set trigger had a poor pull off.

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    well first play sorted took a nice fox cub at 30 yrds so first kill the rifle was bore sighted and when i roughly zeroed it needed no adjustment so i put 3 heart shaped ballons out at 113 paces roughly just over 100 yrds ish and took them all with ease lovelly wee gun the comb is a bit low and thin so a chiek piece is needed but apart from that well chuffed

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    I've had a couple of BRNO/CZ's and they have all been solid accurate rifles. They haven't been fussy with ammo either and meopta scopes are great value for money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riggers View Post
    the comb is a bit low and thin so a chiek piece is needed but apart from that well chuffed
    I used to have a cz550 in .243, lovely wee rifle. Had the same problem though. Happy to post you my comb raiser + neoprene cover for the price of the postage, saves cluttering my gun snug... They do the trick nicely. Something along the lines of:

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