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Thread: Starlight Archer

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    Starlight Archer

    Starlight Archer D -Grade, comes with the following ;
    Quantum Firefly
    2-off Bayonet male fittings
    4-off nylon inserts
    All in excellent condition

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    Christmas nudge. ☃

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    Anyone ❓ ⛄️

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    You should stick this on one of the Facebook groups, it would sell super quick.

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    hi 7-08Ai
    I've got an archer myself,but would you be interested in selling one of the male bayonet fittings

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    Would rather sell as a complete kit, if however any potential buyer doesn't require it then it will be available.

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    Understand fella. Just pm me if u do want to sell it
    atb Gaz

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    Can you tell me please...... How old is the unit .......and when was it last serviced / recharged...

    Cheers David.

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    If you do decide to split I'd be interested in the ir

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