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Thread: Black Users.

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    Black Users.

    Thread should read Black powder users . Hi can anyone recommend a black powder forum for imfo on the 4570 round read a few books ,now need someone in the who is loading this rounds help. Plenty of advice on muzzle loaders less on the 45/70.
    I know its an open question as im new to black powder .
    I have zeroed at 100 m,do you recommend gas checks .at this range or beyond.
    The rifle is a Pedersoli with tang sights ,they are scaled form 0 t0 3 in 1/4 increments do these relate to MOA?

    Thanks for any replies ACJ.
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    Black powder is one of those things where you are going to fill the case to the base of the bullet leaving no air space and compressing a tad on seating. I like gas checks but plain base work fine. Load, shoot, clean well.~Muir

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