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Thread: weihrauch 17 hmr

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    weihrauch 17 hmr

    Bit of help here folks,treated myself to a new weihrauch 17hmr,been out to zero it today brought it home run boresnake through it now can,t get bolt back in,any ideas how to solve it as nothing in instuction manual.

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    Something to do with the trigger? Have you tried pushing it in whilst pulling the trigger?

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    Did you decock the bolt when you removed it?~Muir

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    Think that,s happened ,not sure how to re do it,no instructions back to dealer me thinks.

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    More info would be useful!... is the handle in the correct up position? Have you pulled the trigger while trying to insert it? It can't be that hard to get right!

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    I have one of these and de-cocking the bolt is easily done (and a bit of a PITA)
    Re-cocking so that the bolt will go back into the rifle is easy enough.
    Turn the bolt upside down and use a screwdriver to push back the spring loaded bit (not sure what it's called).
    That will allow the bolt handle to move back into the correct position for it to fit back into the rifle.



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    mealiejimmy thanks,now sorted.

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