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Thread: Bearded Roebuck!

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    Bearded Roebuck!


    Another true storey from LWC, a few of my syndicate guys will be aware of this little gem & its further to the "sound Shot" post yesterday:

    A vey good old mate of mine whom tought me to stalk & is very ill at the moment-whilst in his younger years was supervising a newbie for Hampshire Police (as we do), the guy was a typical know it & done it all type.

    To say the least my buddy had his fill of the guy anyway & the bloke then said that in his own oppinion that he was now experianced enough to go on to his own ground un accompanied (even though he had never fired a shot at live quarry).

    My buddy was then writing to licensing over the weekend to say that he was no longer going to supervise the bloke in question & that he had still not gained enough experiance to go into the field alone.

    The guy over that weekend did go onto his own ground-stalked through a wood & find a big Roebuck in bright shiny summer coat together with tha most massive rack you have ever seen on top of his sweed!

    He took his shot-killed the buck cleanly & then approached.

    On finding the dead animal-he found it wearing a bright green coller with the name"TOGAN" on it & it was in fact a PEDIGRE GOAT

    Safe to say that I understand he lost his ticket & got beat to hell by the farmers wife!

    Beware the Bearded Roebuck!

    Regs Lee

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    Tee hee hee!!

    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    I believe he should have also been made to pay a large amount of compensation to the said farmers wife for the lost of her goat and it's future offspring .

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    Thats a bit of a `Gruff` story lol


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    Fan bloody tastic..

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    was it doing damage in an orchard?

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    Nice one.

    Looking forward to our next bedtime story from grandpa LWC...

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    bloody good job !

    i hate goats , bloody stinking old things !

    seriously funny story though

    cheers lee

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