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Thread: Custom FN Mauser 9.3x62

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    Custom FN Mauser 9.3x62

    My 9.3x62 is regretably for sale.

    9.3x62 on a commercial FN Mauser action. All work done by Caleb and Gary Whitcombe of Artisan Forge, Pershore.

    Lothar Walther magnum sporter profile barrel with recknagel iron sights. FN Mauser action and floor plate holding four down. Orignal FN stock with Kick Eez pad. Steel grip cap.

    The front sight is mounted on a timed thread protector which covers the muzzle thread for the suppressor. For dedicated iron sight use there is a hidden locating screw which locks it in place.

    Ase utra sl6 moderator for the 9.3.

    Also included are a quantity of 286gr Nosler partitions and 100no woodleigh weldcores. 100rds of brass and RCBS dies.

    Leupold QR mounts and rings

    All metalwork was browned in house. A really classy English finish.

    The rifle has shot less than 60 rds with load development work complete. Shooting under .5 inch with 286gr partitions (including a called pulled shot) at 100 yards. Target goes with the rifle as does load data.

    Iron sights are yet to be regulated to the load.

    This is an exceptional piece of fine English rifle work which I regrettably have to sell due to personal circumstances. It would be the ideal tool for taking abroad after Wild Boar or for use with the moderator on boar and deer in the uk.

    The photos don't really do it justice. Needs to be seen and handled to be appreciated.

    With all the extras this will be a superb buy. 1900
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    PM inbound.


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    Btt. Pics to follow

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    It does, and it's not so I've removed the link. Cheers

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    Any pics? Mainly for light cooing over, but you never know...

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    How about a few good pics to look at please...I too like Mauser's.
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    Ok you blokes. Have a good look at these:

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    Gorgeous bit of kit! Love my 9.3x62 FN Commercial and good luck with the sale!
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