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Thread: Swarovski Warranty Return Time?

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    Swarovski Warranty Return Time?

    I sent a ocular lens cover back to Swarovski uk a month ago and still haven't got it back... Does anyone know how long it usually takes them to return products?

    It it wasn't clicking shut, that was the only problem.

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    Give them a ring, always found them very good to deal with

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    Cawdor 18, I had the same problem some months ago but with the Objective lens, contacted Joanne at Swarovski, told to send it her, then it was sent back to Austria, I had similar delay, rang them, they checked with their factory in Austria, then they sent me a new one, only this time I received a magnetic Objective lens protector it is brilliant

    Good luck

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    just got my scope back two weeks ago took about a month in total

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    I have phoned twice, apparently it sat in the uk office for 2 weeks before it was dispatched to Austria... Pretty poor service if you ask me. I'm disappointed in this legendary Swarovski warranty. The office staff don't seem to care either.

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    That's unusual, because I have always found them to be very helpful. Depends on how busy they are, but I would reckon about a month

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    Send a email to Austria customer services they will push it through for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by jb7x57 View Post
    Send a email to Austria customer services they will push it through for you
    Have you got their direct email?


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