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Thread: Leica Geovid HD 8X42

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    Leica Geovid HD 8X42

    Just bought a pair of these and was wondering if anyone has the same prob as me.
    I will try and answer as many comments as I can before they arise:
    I am not blind or need glasses or contacts, my eyesight is near perfect.
    I have been using a set of Swaro 7X42 slc for years so I'm used to quality optics.

    My problem, I can not get them to focus sharply, I have altered the dioptic adjusters as per the manual, I have tried them with both adjusters set at zero, every time I pick them up I have to re-focus them, I have looked through other (non hd) leica and they are crystal clear, the edges of the view are fuzzy.

    I feel I have made a very expensive 1600 mistake, imo they are not a patch on my old swaros, and I mean that.

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    You paid for high quality and high definition (HD) bino's also part of the 1600 you paid is for a guarantee.

    Take/ send them back to a Leica dealer and if they cannot solve the problem then send them back to Leica who should rectify the problem or replace them with a pair that are fit for purpose. I had a problem with my set (not HD) being very stiff to focus after some hard trips in NZ, sent them off via a dealer and they were returned promptly, fully functioning and looking like new. I was not charged for carriage or repair/adjustment/cleaning etc.

    Give it a go


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    I bought a pair of Geovids in yards and compared to my EL's they were rubbish.. no use in bad light and the rangefinder was useless.

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    I have the ultravid HD 8x42. Mine are as sharp if not sharper than a mates set of EL's. I will not have the in built range finder cos I like to keep optics simple.

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    You said you adjusted both dioptric adjusters. Well the one in red (right) is only used to adjust the focus of the laser readout.

    If your eyesight is good then you need to adjust out the eye cups, focus the bins looking only through your right eye and then blanking off the right check through your left eye and if necceassary adjust that diopter ring to adjust focus. Then when looking through both eyes it should be fine. The interocular distance is a bit critical but if adjusted up ok should be find. If this does not cure the problem suggest you get a mate to check, and if still wrong send them back to Leica.


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    Would second the above post the only problem i saw through the Geovid was i though to much tint but apart from that they were great. I have been told the HD ones were a bit iffy to get just right.

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    Update on the Leica HD probs.
    I have perservered with these for 2 months now and enough is enough, they are rubbish when the light starts to fade, I focus them when looking at something at say 200 yards, then when I look at something at 80 yards I have to refocus them, evertime I put the bloody things to my eyes they are out of focus.
    Its back to Swarovski for me, they are without doubt the best imo.

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    Thats it, out again recently with these ***** bino's, as soon as the light starts to fade they are blurred, when you scan across a woodland edge they are blurred, that with the constant re-focusing, I've had enough.
    Done a deal on a set of zeiss, I've read a lot of stuff about leica geovid rangefinder binos and its 50% good & 50% bad, Zeiss mostly good & swaros mostly good. Leica with a 5 year guarantee costing that much money not worth the risk.
    If swarovski had a rangefinding bino today, I would have bought them (I hear that some coming out this year)
    Spoke to the suppliers and they said we'll send them back, how long to get them back? oh could be 12 weeks!!! you must be f%^&ing joking, ta ta leica

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