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Thread: Trigger issues

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    Trigger issues

    Hi Gents, a bit of advice if possible. I have just purchased a little used Jensen 20 bore shotgun at an auction. Strangely while testing the triggers they work perfectly if the gun is pointed to the ground but raise the gun and the triggers wont pull ! any advice would be very gratefully recieved

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    Just use it for shooting rabbits?

    Seriously, if you aren't a competent gunsmith with all the right kit, I reckon anything wonky with triggers needs to be sorted by a professional.

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    It's probably something simple like the safety device that blocks the triggers is worn / broken so it slips back and blocks the triggers when barrels raised. Should be a simple enough fix.

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    much appreciated taking it into a gunsmith on Monday

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandit Country View Post
    Just use it for shooting rabbits?

    Very appropriate considering the poster's user name.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    thankfully all sorted by my local gunsmith for 30 quid, a bit of interior rust was the issue

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