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Thread: Tikka 695 chambered in 275 Rigby (7x57)

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    Tikka 695 chambered in 275 Rigby (7x57)

    Originally built by Redmist off this site - details from a previous post

    As stated it is a Tikka M695 action, 'trued' as much as a Tikka ever needs, which consisted of evening up the bolt lugs, and then the cosmetics of fluting and a bolt knob courtesy of 'Dasherman' at the original build time in 2010.

    The original barrel was removed and replaced with a LW 1400 profile C/M 1:9 twist, chambered for .275 Rigby HV, finished at 22", threaded with cap.

    McM Sako Hunter pattern, in 33/33/33 Dark Brown/Black/Midbrown to give the "McWoody" appearance you see.

    It was proofed at Birmingham,

    Alphamount one piece mount is included ( 30mm dia) from Richard Near

    Shoots well with 140 Gn NBT over a very moderate load of H414, Fed GM210 primers, or NAB 160 again using Nosler recommended loads.

    The photos show a Zenith Scope, which is NOT included in the sale.

    This how it looks now;

    Price : 1200 F2F, or to RFD at cost +

    Thanks for looking.


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    that has to be 1 of the best looking rifles ive seen in a long time! I'd say it wont be long until it finds a new home!

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    I've admired that rifle many times. The ultimate marriage of form and function.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Beautiful rifle in a classic chambering.

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