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Thread: Help scope windage adjustment issue

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    Help scope windage adjustment issue

    Recently picked up a rifle and fitted my scope using Weaver style bases and rings. The problem is I have run out of adjustment to the left. It's at full stop and still 3" right of centre. It might be my eyes but I sware the scope is pointing off to the left...
    changed bases and still the same issue. Does it matter which way round you put the bases. IE slot to the front or back?
    Im supposed to be taking the rifle to Scotland a week Wednesday .....

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    i had this problem with a new zeiss scope. turned out to be the rings. managed to get it ok by just changing them round. It meant 1 tightening bolt was on the right and one on the left. They are tps rings, work a treat now.

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    What's the rifle? I have heard of some having mounts drilled off centre...

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    Is it a new scope? Someone local to me had this problem last year with an older scope.
    As you've stated, he had the rings the wrong way round, so I changed this first, which did improve but not cure the problem.
    So I wound the turret through its full cycle both ways a few times and this cured the problem.
    It must have been sticking inside the scope!
    First time I'd seen this.
    Got to be worth a try for you though.
    Regards James

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    Try centreing the reticule,ie if it has 160 turns wind it back 80 turns from the full 160, may help.....

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    Happens quite often, turn the rings around the other way.

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    If no joy then burris signature rings with inserts will sort it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyres View Post
    If no joy then burris signature rings with inserts will sort it.

    Spot on. Since learning about Burris Signature Rings, I have used them to sort out a number of scope alignment issues. I've just bought a set of their new rings to try -

    and these have more adjustment options than the ones I have been using to date.

    Best regards

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    As mentioned centre the clicks before fitting ,,both vertical and horizontal,,if that fails try another set of rings and or scope,

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    Once you have proved the scope the windage solution may be here?
    Solid kit at good price, fit and forget if you use future scopes with the same tube diameter, if not change the rings for a few 's?

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