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Thread: EAW Mounts for Blaser

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    EAW Mounts for Blaser

    I have recently bought a .243 and .308 Blaser.
    Whilst I realise both are modular I do not think I will need to break down the .243 for anywhere that I will be using that calibre.
    So I have been looking for some permanent fixed mounts for it.
    I found some MAKip mounts, as sold by Optics Trade EU of Slovania, but the retaining screw looks rather small so does not give me much confidence in it's retention strength so started looking elsewhere.
    I have now found and acquired a set of EAW permanent fix mounts and they certainly look the business.
    As fixed mounts they are very much cheaper than the detachable ones, but as they are retained in place by screws, I see no reason why they could not be removable if required, I won't on my .243. They are obtainable from UK at 235 delivered or from Slovania for 235.37 delivered. There is a full page advert for them in the Gun Mart magazine Attachment 75392
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    Let us know how you get on with them.

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    Hi Eddy.

    I once felt like that and in a moment of madness bought a non Blaser saddle mount. When it arrived, the threads on the mounts were buggered. The threads were fixed but I have never been comfortable with this mount so it sits in my cellar gathering dust. I also made the mistake of buying a Blaser non QD Picatinny Rail. I bought some Warnes. I'm sure that the scope would return to zero if either the scope or the saddle mount was removed. But if you are certain about installing a permanent fixture, the no QD Picatinny Rail might be the solution?

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    all i can add is that i bought a non qd picatiny mount like this one.

    i then lost one of the studs which hold it on and cannot source another!

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