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Thread: Nightforce NXS with Zerostop

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    Nightforce NXS with Zerostop

    Hi I'm looking to sell my Nightforce scope that has the Zerostop on. It's a great scope and works brilliant with night vision as it has the side parralax. It's the NXS 5.5-22x56 model and is in great condition. Comes with bikini covers and I may have the box somewhere.
    I would consider swapping or part ex for a Zeiss, Schmidt or Swarovski
    It won't let me load pictures so if you would like some sent to your mobile or email please ask.
    Thanks for looking

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    Is it 1/4 Moa or 0,1 mrad click adjustment?

    Which reticle?

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    Pm sent but Your inbox is full.. what reticle and is it illuminated please.

    Cheers Paul

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    Sorry inbox has been emptied.i believe the reticle is Np R2 and it has illuminated reticule with a brand new battery and also a spare battery

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    mil or moa adjustment

    these are awesome scopes
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Your inbox is full , !!! Unable to pm you

    Cheers Paul

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    Try again. Scope still for sale

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