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Thread: Sako 85 cycling issue

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    Sako 85 cycling issue

    Bought the rifle a short while ago(from a gunshop) and due to a house move hadn't taken it out as much as I'd have liked. Have more time now and this far from smooth cycling of the round,is really starting to annoy.
    The bolt slides the round from the magazine,but then comes up hard against something,I have to jiggle the bolt back and forth a couple of times to get it into the correct position before it'll chamber.
    Whilst I was working up a load,I was more interested in bullet placement and largely ignored it,now it's really pi££ing me off.
    I have chamfered the mouth in case that was running up against something,but to no avail.
    It's a small cartridge,.204,don't know if this makes a difference,I have a 75 to compare it to and that is super smooth. Any ideas,or do I send it back?

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    I bought a new sako 85 204 rifle a few years ago and also had the same feeding issues.
    It pissed me off as well and I ended up retuning it do my dealer and buying a remington.
    I do wonder if it's something to do with the shoulder angle of the 204 case compared to other similar sized cases.

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    I wonder? It seems as though the angle of feed is too steep,the rear ended of the cartridge is not popping up high enough to feed straight in and is jamming.
    Sounds as though it needs to go back.
    How do you find the Remmie,Ford?

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    I wonder if it isn't something to do with the modern desire for short fat cartridges, necked down a long way with a very steep neck angle? I understand about the burn efficiency, and for a single shot target round that is fine, but for live quarry we all, from time to time, need the ability for a quick follow up shot and some of the more traditional rounds just feed so much better.


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    I had the same type prob, it turned out it was the mag as the lips are different ! mine was a 22'250 mag being used for a 6.5x47 the front right hand side of the mag lip needed to be file'd so the round was able to feed straight and not dive into the left side of the chamber , if you get a say 243 mag the lips are't the same as a 22.250 slight shorter on the right more of an sharper opening . I only noticed it while trying to work out my faulty feed I used a rod in place of the bolt to slowly push round into the chamber and could see it was flicking left and high so releasing the round from the mag incorrectly . don't know if my fault was the same but 5min with a needle file and both my mag's are like silk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodlander View Post
    I wonder? It seems as though the angle of feed is too steep,the rear ended of the cartridge is not popping up high enough to feed straight in and is jamming.
    Sounds as though it needs to go back.
    How do you find the Remmie,Ford?
    The remington was fine with 32 grain bullets but accuracy was poor with the 40 grains, I since rebarreled it with a 1/10 twist and it shoots great now.

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    Send it back. It should feed flawlessly if it is a factory original and not rebarreled in another cartridge.

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    I have an 85 in this calibre and have had no problems, I think Paul O' may be on the right track with this as I have heard of mag problems with 85's. Trying another mag from another xs actioned 85 would be a Shure way to find out.

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    Hi All,

    I picked up a new 85 Hunter Laminated Stainless in .223 about a week ago. Made up a series of test loads in Lapua brass with Sierra BlitzKing 55gr projectiles with COAL = 2.260". Haven't fired them yet but have cycled them through the mag and they worked fine. In order to sight in the scope I purchased some Federal Premium Vital-Shok, with Speer HP, 52 gr, COAL = 2.165". Top-loaded one round - it wouldn't feed! Loaded a full mag. It fed all except the last one.

    As I have a .223 Varmint as well I tried the factory rounds in that. All worked. Put the Varmint mag in the Hunter, all worked. Put the Hunter mag in the Varmint, no go! Same problem as in the Hunter.

    Have reported this to Beretta Aus. Waiting on a reaction from them. This is my fourth 85 and the first time I've had a mag problem.


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    Thanks for the replies,I'll give the dealer a call and see what they're prepared to do,first step is try another magazine and go from there. Cheers

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