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Thread: BRowning A 5 (5 shot) cheap

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    BRowning A 5 (5 shot) cheap

    I'm selling off my old Browning A5. ITs fixed at improved cylinder and is section 1 firearm due to 5 shot. 2.75 inch cartridge and never had a stoppage. It's the better FN Belguim made model and is about 60 years old. I never use it now but it'd be a good keeps gun or similar. I'm looking for 150 for it. I bought it 5 years ago for 275. It's probably as cheap as you,ll find. I can send pics to an e mail address to anyone interested. Due to price it would be face to face as its not worth enough to be hassled with RFD,s. Good old gun
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    That's a give away price, Stevie. Very surprised It's not been snapped up by now !!!.

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    cracking semi auto, shame your not closer.

    I have one already but its full choke, so yours would ideal. The safety on mine is on the front of the trigger guard so different age may be.

    Good luck with the sale, some one will get a great buy.

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