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Thread: The Mighty .270

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    The Mighty .270

    Always shied away to favour softer, more old school calibers, but contemplating the long, strong .270 for a generalist rifle. Thoughts welcome. It's that or a 6.5x55 for the next dabble - chalk and cheese I know.

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    got both gr8 cals !my 270 is. unmodded only use in Scotland really my 6.5 will get some outings when the fallow does come in .most of all I use the 308 though a jack of all trades !

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    Quote Originally Posted by norma 308 View Post
    got both gr8 cals !my 270 is. unmodded only use in Scotland really my 6.5 will get some outings when the fallow does come in .most of all I use the 308 though a jack of all trades !

    I've got a Tikka T3 in 270 because my Sako 691 in 6.5x55 has a wooden stock and doesn't do every well in the rain....but I am beginning wonder if the 270 is superfluous, because the 6.5 is on a winning streak(7 deer in 5 stalks) and I don't want to tempt fait ;-) and it's just a dream to shoot

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    As the owner of a .243, .270 and 6.5x55. I'm getting used to the 6.5 but it isn't a patch on the .270. All this guff about .270 being deer mincer stems from the wrong bullet being used and dumping all its energy. It upsets boar nicely with a soft nose 150grn round.

    ED: I actually have 2 x .270. A stutzen and a Sauer elegance

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    I've owned a few 270's. All were accurate rifles. I sold one (a 4-digit, pre war Model 70 Winchester) but the other two I gave away to friends who admired them. I miss the individual rifles but not the performance. That a 270 is "better" than a 6.5x55 would be a hard claim to prove. I hunt mule deer weighing northward of 200 pounds and have no issue doing it with a 6.5x55. The biggest whitetail I have ever shot was with a 6.5x55 using 129 grain Interlocks at just over 200 yards. The deer leapt once and folded. I doubt a 270 would have done it better. I have never pointed my 6.5x55 at anything that didn't go down fast and hard. Take a 270 away from a competent marksman and swap it for an identical rifle in 6.5x55 and his game tally won't change.~Muir

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    Just back from stalking sika in wicklow and used my mater blaser 270, great rifle, if i wanted another rifle i would definitely consider one, shot some cracking deer with it.

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    I have had two 270s, my present Sauer is ultra accurate, has been used in Africa on Blue and Black wildebeest, countless blesbuck and warthogs using 130gn TTXS, only one had a second shot, but on inspection it wasn't really needed, my go to rifle over the 243 and 7x57. deerwarden

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    Use a kimber in 270 for goats and deer running federal fusion 130 through it, great calibre, but it all about bullet placement, calibre is just another option.

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    My 270 Parker Hale has given sterling service from Scotland to Africa, very accurate drops game on the spot if I do my bit. have not noticed undo meat damage, currently running 130 grn Grand Slams but just about to load up Sierra Gamekings 140 grn.

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    I use 130gr Sierra Gamekings in mine

    It's a superb calibre, absolutely superb
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