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Thread: Sausage skins

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    Sausage skins

    Ok made a few batches of bangers overtime & got consistency & flavour.
    But one thing I'm not happy with

    The skins

    I bought most from weschenfelder & some from local butcher

    They have always been natural hog casings , very forgiving / robust when comes to making them
    But find them a bit on the chewy side

    What do you guys use / recommend

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    Let them soak overnight in plenty of water and flush them through with fresh water too.

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    I'll try on get soaking next time aris thank you


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    I use Weschenfelder too and take a similar approach to aris for soaking/flushing

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    I use hog casings from They do need a good few hours soaking. I flush them through a good few times with a slug of water too
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    Thanks guys I'm not soaking them as long as you lads so I'll definitely try that approach next batch

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    You can also try getting them from

    Tough casings can also point to poor quality, or old casings.

    The flushing is quite important to do just before stuffing/filling the casings. The water acts as a lubricant allowing the sausage casing to flow freely off of the stuffing horn.
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    Sausage skins

    Probably old as well had em in freezer forxehike before use ... were vac packed tho
    But I didn't flush or soak long


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    Freezing doesn't do good things to casings. Best way to preserve them is to get rid of as much water as possible and then pack them in salt - i.e. buried in salt, and keep in the fridge in a sealed container.

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