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Thread: Thanks Sikamalc

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    Thanks Sikamalc

    I'm not really one to post on web forums (or should that be web fora?). However, after a great week in the Highlands I feel compelled to thank Sikamalc and his team of Sandra, Tom Hughesdon & Mark Symonds for looking after me and my fellow guests Andy & Marcel at Amat.
    It was one of those weeks that money cannot buy - the sun shone, the views were glorious, the company and hospitality were second to none and on top of all that, we shot some great specimens of Sika & Red Stags!
    Thanks again Malcolm, I hope to be back next year,
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    The scenery was probably beautiful but the blood ran to my head trying to look at them and I nearly blacked out so no way of telling ;-)
    The third picture was a cracker, well done and good luck next year.

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    Congrats on the nice stag. So, you were the crew that followed us, and got all the nice weather?Definitely thanks are due to Sandra, but I am still amazed that Malcolm doesn't weight 20 stone with how good her cooking is.

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    Cheers Richard,

    Still hard at it with the SD group now. They are out tonight for the first time after sighting in their rifles this morning. Weather last week was dire, but we still got stags. Now in the other cottage with wifi, although very slow as through the satellite dish.
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    Congratulations with the stag. Looks like a lovely area, looking forward to being there myself next week.

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    Sorry about the upside-down scenic photos. Struggling to post on an iPad!

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